I was beyond joy when this arrived in the mail:
2012-10-10 20.44.22

Can you guess what it is? I mean, what kind of bag it is? (Duh, Hued BAGS haha)

Hued bags are the brainchild of Ms Joanne Lacson. These hand made bags are very basic but stylish. What I like most about them is that she gives a special detail to size, we all love our oversized bags, dont we?

I know we often shy away from clutches because they are either too small to fit our stuff or we are afraid that it can be snatched right out of our hands! The beauty of Hued bags is that they prefer a wide array of sizes. From the almost wristlet type to those huge oversized to die for clutch bags that can hold things like a regular bag!

2012-10-12 13.16.56

Tada!Presenting the Ivane large transparent clutch! Isnt she a beauty? I was a bit hesitant to order a clutch but when I saw that its transparent, it was love! It’s so unique. When it was finally delivered, I find it can amazingly hold my umbrella! Talk about spacy. Although I did leave some stuff behind, it can fit most of the stuff that can get you through the day.

2012-10-12 13.18.17

See that little purple thing in the center left portion of the photo? That’s actually a foldable shopping bag. If you want to use a transparent bag like this but will commute, you can open your foldable bag and just put you clutch in it, then afterwards you can simply fold the bag again.

Ok let’s execute!

2012-10-12 13.13.57

Hayyy, super ganda talaga ng bag!

2012-10-12 13.14.19

2012-10-12 13.15.11

Dress: Never Been Kissed (Php 400). Dont you just love the pompom details?

2012-10-12 13.15.41

Blue necklace: Kiosk in Shangrila (Php50)
Pink necklace: Landmark (Php 100)

2012-10-12 13.16.02

Shoes: Melissa (gift from husband)

2012-10-12 13.16.35

Clutch: Hued bags (Php 595)
Hooray for Hued bags!

Special mention to Joanne, I give you five stars for customer service. She answers promptly, gave me a special extension due to uncontrolled circumstances, and even follows up if the item was delivered!

And as if things cant get any better, here’s a special treat!


Image source:

Bags are selling out fast so you better hurry up! Check out their facebook page.

Have a great day!



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