Photoblog: Manila Fame 2012

We have few pictures since its prohibited to take picture unless the exhibitor gives you permission. That’s a shame, cause it would be a joy to show you how incredibly good the craftmanship and skill  Filipinos can possess.

Photos by Christian Pascual



Top: Gap (gift)

Bottom: Easy tuck tapered pants by Uniqlo (Php790)

Shoes: Primadonna (on sale, Php599)

Layered bracelet: handmade gift by stylist friend Nio Manzano

Bag: Mango (gift)

Watch: Ipod nano




There was an ongoing demonstration on how lace was done. I didnt realize how tedious it was. That’s why its so expensive (and it should be!)





In my mind, “I might not see him again, magpaka-oprotunista na! haha)



I stumbled upon this stall. Earth works is a company from Mandaue that specializes in accessories made from Philippine sourced materials.



On the last day of the exhibit, they sold retail items of their previous collections.



Say it with me H-O-A-R-D-E-R !!!!!!!

Haha I was swelling with pride when I saw all the export products Philippine made. Enough of the crab mentality people! Love and support the Philippines!

Mabuhey! Errr wala akong pang ending e.



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