Photoblog: Mad Marks

Still tucked away in Kapitolyo is another growing wonder that is Mad Marks. To tell you honestly, during its first few months husband and I were not so crazy about it. It began with a very limited menu that is but ordinary ( to us at that time at least), but we were pleasantly surprised when we came back recently.

2012-10-12 20.22.40

I brought Ivane with me, just because I’m still so inlove with it!

2012-10-12 20.26.44

As with the other hole in the wall eating spots in Kapitolyo, the place is a tad small, literal na hole in the wall yata talaga ang concept! Haha

2012-10-12 20.28.52

The counter had a unfinished wood detail to it, me thinks it was used right away after being cut! Pero siyempre hindi!

2012-10-12 20.29.23

Yummy, but carry lang

2012-10-12 20.34.58

Their Bootstrap steak is our recent find there, and it tastes great! Good enough for sharing!

2012-10-12 20.35.06

Got a really mean craving for this. Zing wings and grains. Best wings weve tasted in Kapitolyo! Sorry burger place across the street, hehe. Just oh so right. Good so sharing too.

2012-10-12 21.01.17

2012-10-12 21.03.20

Another reason to go there is to try some of their homemade ice cream. This one is the salted sumatra.

2012-10-12 21.03.41

And the double chocolate.

Hungry? Maybe you want to try Mad Marks? You’ll love it!



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