Earth Works

You might have remembered this photo from Manila Fame and wondered if I got all  the things I was holding.


I am a complete sucker for accessories. Shoes, clothes and bags pale in comparison. haha. So when I saw this Mandaue based accessory shop, I just couldnt resist!



The chunkier the accessories, the better. And although I love chain necklaces, my neck could sure use a break once in a while. It’s wood beads to the rescue! Even if you pile them on, they are still sooo light!

Green bead necklace: Php175 (cheap, right?)



Multiple ring necklace: Php187



Chain link necklace: Php 221



Brown necklace: Php 35

Gray necklace: Php 76



Long necklace: Php54

When I got to the cashier, I interviewed her so more and found out that Earth works only makes accessories for export use and does not distribute in the Philippines. In my mind that time, “I should hoard so more!” haha but stopped myself. For items as cheap as these, and proudly Philippine made, it gives me a little bit of excuse to shop right? haha

What’s you favorite indulgence?



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