Hi, how are you guys doing? It’s been a while, I know. This holiday has taken a different turn, and not for the better.

During my last post Monday last week, I was experiencing rashes on my legs and swollen lymph nodes at the back of my neck. It was my busiest day, because of the upcoming long weekend, and I was doing back to back procedures that were usually intended as appointments spread within a week. When I came home, husband told me that my entire face was red, and when I looked in the mirror, the rash had spread through my entire body! I had the sinking feeling that this was Rubella, or German measles. What made it more scary was that my son has not gotten the vaccine yet.

So I subjected myself to a self quarantine away from husband and baby. After the 3 day rash, it cleared but still left me feeling tired and weak. I had to work and our wedding anniversary came up so the blog was put aside for just a little while.

I’m back and good as ever though. I hope you had a better long weekend than I did. Back to regular blogging!


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