Why you should buy the latest issue of Preview Magazine

I have always been upfront with my love for Preview magazine and this month’s issue is no exception.

This is the thickest issue of the year! 206 pages bursting with fashion and beauty.

photo (5).

On the cover is the beautiful Marian Rivera

photo (3)

The designer spotlight is turned on leather craftsman Maco Custudio. Those envelope clutches are the bomb!

photo (2)

photo (4)

It’s Camille Ongpauco on the style profile section. Camille is an acquintance of mine (I dont want to be feeling close and say that we’re friends!), and she’s so beautiful in this feature. She’s really a nice person, and when I told her she looked great in her pictures, she just blushed. Well, you really do! We also talked about Cura V, which she partly owns and where Maco retails his accessories. Sing it with me, “Its a small world after all…..”.

Be sure to catch this month’s issue and get your dose of fashion know how.



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