I realize it helps when you take outfits shots. You get to see ways how to improve!
Take for example this one:

1-2012-10-24 13.15.26

Not really an awful mix, but I think it can do better.

Take into account the blazer. Soft blazers are more comfortable to wear in our country, but they are so darn hard to manage! For a cleaner look, I think there should be lapels in the blazers; it will pull the clothing closer to the body for a slimmer fit.


Image source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Lapel_(PSF).png

1-2012-10-24 13.16.11

This particular blazer is made of slippery cloth that doesn’t stay put. Next time, I will use double sided tape to maintain the lapel (effect).

1-2012-10-24 13.18.13

Masyado akong natuwa sa aking bagong ipod, I wore it with everything and now I regret doing so. The color and material of the strap call for a more casual vibe, not for work wear. Sigh.

1-2012-10-24 13.17.32

On the upside however, I got these gorgeous heels from Aldo! Five inch heels baby! But sadly I can only wear them around the clinic for about five minutes haha. Then my feet protests!

Does this outfit need improvement or is it just me? Share your thoughts here!
Hope you had a great weekend everyone!



3 thoughts on “Mistakes

  1. Tip on taking outfit shots… shoot with the camera near your waist or lower… It will make you look slimmer and taller!!!

    And the outfit is a win!!! NO to double sided tape!!! It will ruin your outfit eventually. Safety pins na lang (double sided tapes ruined my sashes I had made for runway purposes. Fastest to do kasi, eh, pero murder on some fabrics). Also, try “wet ironing” flimsy fabric. Low heat, tapos create the crease. šŸ˜‰

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