If you’re a blog surfer, you might have have seen a unboxing entry or two, mostly on Apple products. The thrill and anticipation of seeing the gadget is a must share for these people, and on some level, I understand how it feels.

On my last birthday, I received an email from Deal dozen purchased by my friend Rubi. It was a gift certicate for Yhansy accessories! What a thrill! Rubi knows what I love best!

When I arrived at the store, I went crazy. I wanted to get everything! What’s even better is that a lot of items were on sale at that time! Call me silly, because although I already saw the stuff, still the unboxing anticipation is there!


I loved the dainty logo! Good things up ahead!


I was supposed to get a turban but chickened out at the last minute. I settled for this half turban. Not a shabby choice because the spike rivets made it special! cant wait to take this baby out for a spin!


Since I am still in my fringe phase, I got this black and gold stunner. It was a bit steep with its original price but I had to get it since its price was slashed in half! Pays to buy in the sale season (sometimes! haha)



I am kind of drawn to skulls lately. I dont know if its the halloween month or whatever, but what I had in mind when I got this was the leatherette pants sitting in my closet waiting for the cold weather to arrive (which feels like its never gonna come!). Anyhoo, I love the biker chick vibe it exudes, dont you?


Here’s the rest of my skull gang! I can say its sooo pretty but its weird for me to say that right? haha Even I cant understand myself sometimes. =)


Color me neon happy! I just love this!

Thank you so much Rubi for this gift! Love you!

What’s your favorite? Me, I’ve been using the skull necklace a lot lately!
Have a nice day!



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