Or at least the colors are. Haha. This was the day I tried my new tassles necklace and I must say I’m pretty happy. It doesnt look like its over the top at all! See for yourself!


It’s all earth tones here, no loud colors or crazy accessories. Nice change of pace, dont you think?

Dress: Zara (on sale, bought in 2008)
Belt: Free from another dress
Necklace: Yhansy

If you can afford it, or if you’re really patient enough to rummage through a sale like I do, I suggest you buy versatile pieces from really good brands. This dress saw me through pediatric residency, and I was able to use it as a maternity dress. The fabric held its own, it still looks gorgeous until now!


Since the neckline is a little low, the fringe was about to hide it. Loved that detail!


Brown wedges: Payless

What’s your timeless piece?
Gotta go, see you soon!!!



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