I Bought a Denim Vest and Got Carried Away

I’ve been looking for a good denim vest and finally found one at Folded and Hung. Its simple  and I love it!

1-2012-11-13 18.02.42

But unfortunately for me at that time F&H is having a sale. It was 1 item at 30% off, 2 items at 40%, and 3 items at 50%. Then I saw these lightweight covers and I knew right then and there I was in the dangerous zone.

1-2012-11-13 18.01.06

First up is this tribal print bolero. It weighs practically nothing!

1-2012-11-13 17.58.09

The caption for this should be “You had me at embroidered shoulders”. haha But that’s the truth!
I can think of so many outfits I can use this outfit with. Tank and jeans, cocktail dresses, even beachwear. Talk about versatility!

I had a lot of cardigans before but the knit fabric will slowly cook you with the present weather that we have. So in the past I  said goodbye to layering. Good thing some geniuses created these cotton and chiffon covers. Now layering is a breeze! (pun intended!)

1-2012-11-13 18.02.06

There you have it! My poor wallet, I’m so sorry!

Have a great day!



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