Of Stripes and Tassles

The title is a little bit on the lame side but what the heck. Sorry it took me some time to write again. I had some work, family, business, and personal issues that I had to sort through, although a tiny voice inside my head keeps on screaming, “blog! blog! blog!”. Its rather quiet here at work today, so I was able to do my paper work, and now I have time to think.

But what is there to think about in an outfit post, anyway? ahaha.

Without further ado….

1-2012-11-14 15.24.25

Dress: forever 21

Jacket: Online ukay (Php100)

Belt: Landmark

Shoes: Payless

You all know Im not really a shoe person but I do have to use them once in a while so that they do not deteriorate. I think I complain a lot about heels, considering they are wedges! haha

1-2012-11-14 15.25.12


Humahabol pa sa pink barbie nail color! haha

1-2012-11-14 15.25.27


Necklace: Yhansy

Tassles, dont go out of style yet, I still love you.

Christmas is here! Yahoo!

Have a great day!



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