You are Invited

Dont you just love it when its Christmas here in the Philippines?
I think being emotional has something to do with it. LOL!
I recently posted a tweet about how the Church of Scientology can celebrate Christmas is beyond me. One of my contacts replied  why do I ask that, is it because they are not Christians?
I realized that Ramadan is a nonworking holiday but we just take it as it is because we have no spiritual connection with the occasion.
As for me, my church and my family, our roots run deeper in the true celebration of Christmas. Jesus is and will always be the greatest gift mankind has ever known.
I’ve experienced Christmas celebrations at church ever since I can remember. I’ve sung solos and became part of the King’s Kids choir as a child, danced and acted as Mary in my teens, and husband has played Jesus at one time. This year, my father in law will join the choir, like what my aunts did years before.
On Christmas celebration sunday, I always made sure I dress up the best that I can. Its like attending the most important party of the decade.
May you enjoy the holidays, and may you live and breathe Christ each and every day of the year.
Let’s give Christ the best celebration we can, as only Filipinos know how.

Join us at the International Charismatic Service Center as we give our utmost praise for this most precious gift. See you!




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