Photoblog: The World in Chaos

If you havnt been to Divisoria, then you cant even begin to imagine what I’m saying. Divisoria is both exhilarating and dangerous, and its like riding a rollercoaster: you just have to go through the whole experience.
I wont be going anywhere near that place until the Christmas season ends, though. Its the time where snatchers abound. I suggest you do that too if you value anything you own. LOL.

1-2012-11-15 12.34.04

1-2012-11-15 13.30.30

Home of one of the best palabok(s?) in town!

1-2012-11-15 13.31.24

Squid ink in my palabok? At six ladies, its like my childhood days again. Yum!

1-2012-11-15 13.32.06

Now everything is perfection!

1-2012-11-15 13.59.40

Have a nice day!



2 thoughts on “Photoblog: The World in Chaos

  1. Oooooohhh, I suddenly am salivating… my Divi visits aren’t complete without eating at Six Ladies. Next time, try the halo halo.:-)

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