Welcoming 2013

Facebook and all other social media channels are filled with messages from people welcoming the new year. I pray that where you are, you are in high spirits for the coming year.

2012 has particularly been an emotional year for most parts, which I find weird as it was 2011 when I gave birth to my son, took the boards and helped my husband and his family go through my sister in law’s premature delivery. But oddly as I sit here and write this, 2012 felt heavy on the emotional aspect.

Now I realize that this year was the year of spiritual strengthening for me, my family and my church. I always thought that absolute purification can only be achieved through fire: consume everything, then rebuild from the ground up. I have heard and seen the various testimonies our church have shared, both at the pulpit and among ourselves, of the various dealings of the Lord, some painful, some even devastating, but in the end, always victorious.

For husband and I, it was a year of growth, and what growth it was! Matteo was sprouting like a plant on mutant fertilizer, he is growing way too fast, and we are still struggling with parenthood in baby steps! We had to learn to strike a balance between being a husband and wife with being a mother and father. But I can never begin to tell you what a joy it is to have a child. I thank God everyday of the gift that is my son.

I am now contemplating on what 2013 will bring, because as of the moment we are dealing with uncertainties that blinds us what the future will bring.  But on the last Sunday of 2012, I thanked the Lord that He gave me the opportunity to know Him, and by knowing  Him I am able to have peace.

2012 was the year of the Lord. 2013 is also God’s year. There was never a time God was not there, we just have to seek Him. He is always there. All the time.

God bless you and Happy New Year!




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