Gifts for My Husband

Today, husband is celebrating his 37th birthday. He told me this morning that he never liked birthdays, mainly from the attention that he gets from them. What a birthday scrooge, right? Haha. I kid.

Last Monday, we partially celebrated by going to the spa. I was supposed to book Suriya which has really great reviews but was a little steep on the price. I thought about it, went practical and since we were already in Antipolo, we went to Callos Spa.


It sits in a quiet place in Antipolo, nothing fancy but its quiet and we sure could use that. I knew he was particular about massages, so I was relieved that he was quite satisfied with the one at Callos. The signiture massage was Php 400, which is “carrybells” compared with the whopping Php4600 package I was planning to get at Suriya! I still want to try Suriya, but maybe next time.

Aside from that, I’m thinking of non tangible things I can give to him as gifts, and I’ve thought of these:

1. I will TRY not to sweat the small stuff. Its true, women are really from Venus, men are from Mars, and if I keep wanting to change my husband into someone I want him to be, I might as well just marry a woman. Men are different in so many  levels and I must accept that.

2. I will be more supportive in all aspects: career, family decisions, finacial outlooks. This means holding my comments and “perspectives” if they are not constructive.

3. I will be more practical. Now this is hard. Haha. But so far I think I’m doing good in this department.

4. Be more proactive with praying, reading the Bible with him and my son. He is the priest of our household, so I will be the priest’s secretary, reminding him of the household’s spiritual activities.

Happy birthday, my love! I thank God for you for you are a good father and husband.




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