Whenever I roam the streets of Kapitolyo (gangster? haha), my eyes are wide and alert for the new things the place has to offer. When I spotted Silantro at one of the more sleepy nooks of the neighborhood, I had a eating itch that I cant seem to ignore, so one rainy night we tried it!

2013-01-11 19.40.52


If you’re looking for something posh, Silantro might not be the place for you. See, its a cantina and I think the main goal of this place is to eat (and for others, drink) till you drop. Check out the unpolished countertops ala Mad Marks.

2013-01-11 20.39.12


I told hubby, “Pati mga servers canteen boys!”. I will leave that to your imagination so you can check it out yourself!

2013-01-11 20.39.04


Al Fresco dining area/Smoking area

2013-01-11 20.02.23


Dalandan juice, which other reviews raved about but proved to be too sour for me.

2013-01-11 20.01.48


Ahhh, the burrito. I think I’ll be brave enough to say that I tastes better than Army Navy. I shared this with my husband so I can eat the other stuff that we ordered. The meat fillings inside are angus beef, which was tender to perfection, and ox tail, which I didnt even noticed (and that’s a good thing!). I will come back here again and again just for the burrito!

2013-01-11 19.51.35


The dips. The guacamole (L) I didnt care much about, it lacked texture for me. But the chili sauce (R) was so spot on! I was never a big fan of spicy sauces but this one is sooo addicting.

2013-01-11 19.48.11


Beef nachos, which emphasis on the word BEEF, which is the star of the show. So tender and tasty. At first I was complaining there wasn’t enough cheese, because I was picking at the nachos at the edges. But I arrived at the middle and there was this one nacho that has all the ingredients stuck to it and it was the ultimate nacho! yum!

2013-01-11 19.42.00


Lucha theme, very Nacho Libre.

2013-01-11 20.02.07


Husband’s soft taco. He picked lamb, beef and ox tail for the meat fillings. I’m not a big fan of lamb, so it was a bit overpowering for me.

So is Silantro worth travelling all the way to Kapitolyo? Well, not in the context of Haru, or Charlies, because you can have a similar  fix if you have a  Mexican resto somewhere nearer. But for the residents of Pasig, it is heaven sent as it is a fresh alternative to the already thriving string of Kapitolyo retaurants. I can imagine this as one of the places my college friends and I  hung out in between classes, full of chattering people and boisterous laughter. If you are near the area, I suggest you try this place out.

And oh, special mention to the owner?/manager? of the places, being so accommodating and patient explaining the menu to us. Sorry didnt get your name, I will next time!

Have a great day!



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