A Girl Can Dream

I love Kate Spade for all the right reasons. It’s very, very kikay, it takes on daring colors, and its not a mainstream luxury bag. It as if its sitting in its own pretty stool in the fashion world, apart from Prada or Louis Vuitton or Hermes that everyone is scrambling to get their hands on, but these bags are still a luxury all on its own.

I’ve been dreaming about the Givenchy antigona in powder pink ever since I laid my eyes on it. Of course its a far shot at the moon, my heart and most especially my bank account will never bear to buy it. haha.

Take a look at it to understand what I’m saying:

images (2)

Today, I was browsing through my internet junk when Kate Spade sent me an email launching their new bag-the Catherine Street Pippa. It’s kinda funny, the whole Catherine Pippa name, but the bag is seriously drop dead gorgeous. It got me by pulling my powder blue and pink heart strings. Of course I cant afford it, but maybe sometime in the future they will put in a special sale that will make my bag dreams (of the moment-who am I kidding?) come true. There’s hope for me yet!



What’s your bag of the moment?
Have a great day!



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