Back to Nature

Ola! I’m finally doing my Ilog Maria product review. It took me a while to try out the different products I’ve hoarded  bought, but I might as well start the ball rolling. I’m really excited to share this because I’m a super big fan of organic and natural beauty products, more so, Philippine made ones. Honestly, I wasnt so concerned until I was pregnant, when I started reading about parabens and other chemicals that can do damage to the fetus.

Dont get me wrong, I think our lives will never be what it is without technology. But I also believe that whatever unnatural and artificial that goes into our bodies will take its toll sometime later. That is why the whole concept of organic was created. Which is sometimes funny and sad at the same time, because the human race tries so hard to break into technology only to realize that we have to go back to our roots-pun intended.

Ilog Maria  specializes in honey products-call it our version of Burt’s Bees if you will. What I love most is their rustic approach to their products. I dont know if they meant it to look as such, but I love it anyway. Stay tuned!


Have a nice day!



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