Staying Grounded

I’m sure a lot of girls will agree with me when I say one of the greatest challenges of our gender is shopping. I think we have and will always having the hoarding insticnt embedded in our chromosomes, save for a lucky few. The commercial world will always tempt you, that’s why the wisest thing to do when you dont want to spend is STAY INSIDE YOUR HOME. Although I forgot, there’s still online shopping.

I have to admit I had my share of hoarding, and I’m  honestly not sure if that’s all in the past. The world will never run out of beautiful things-bags, clothes, accessories, a lot of them on sale for your pleasure (or torture).  But getting married and having a child definitely taught me a lot of things.

Whenever Cecille Van Straten mentions a movie in her blog, at times I find myself looking for it. And most of the time I’m not disappointed. There’s Hiro Dreams of Sushi, Grave of the Fireflies, and then Queen of Versailles.

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Queen of Versailles is a documentary on the life of David and Jacqueline Seigel, who were once the owners of the biggest chain of time sharing resorts in the United States. To say they lived in luxury is an understatement, because they had private jets a 300+ hectare house, and more household help than the family itself. They also set out to build the biggest house in America, patterned to look like the Versailles.

But this fairy tale took a dive when the stock market crashed and they found themselves in debt. Extreme debt. They were forced to lay off a lot of employees and was slowing sinking at the mercy of the banks. But still the level of excess is there, which is even sadder than losing their money.

Filthy rich to dirt poor.

At the end all David said was, “Live within your means”. That is the sad realization after all the pain and dreams of the people who depended on their company.

It got me thinking about my son, almost wishing that he would experience the hard life so he will not take things for granted. But no mother wants that, so a strict upbringing is in order. And disciple within myself is paramount.

LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS. Its a bit hard to swallow, but if you find yourself caving into hoarding, I suggest you watch this movie.



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