The Window

If you read through this post, you might think of this as trivial, but I consider it one of the greatest things God did for me this month.

Although I have been a homemaker for a few years now, I must confess this is the first time I really cared about money. When my husband still had his job, he paid for all the bills and I had the luxury to chip in whenever I felt like it. And rather shamefully, I must admit that although we where not really that well off, even when my mom had to make ends meet, I have never felt the full impact of it.

When husband left his job, I volunteered to pay all our bills. My second job allowed me to earn just enough to cover it, and left my income from my pediatric practice to sustain my personal expenses.

If you’re a doctor or familiar with the whole clinical practice scenario, then you know that it has its peaks and throughs. For pediatrics, flu season is our moment to shine, and come summer vacation, well let’s just say you will have a LOT of free time.

So when I walked away last Monday after attending to only one patient, I knew I was in trouble. Aside from the house bills, I still have my 2 clinic rentals to take care off, have advanced payments for vaccines, and buy whatever the baby needs. Our refrigerator recently broke down, so we had to dispose of meat and vegetables good enough for two weeks. I knew my recent pay check would only last for less than a week.

So without telling my husband, I began feeling anxious. Should I tell him I can’t pay the bills this month? Even if I don’t pay the house bills, where will I get the money for all my expenses? The reality of life is smacking me right in the face.

Yesterday (Tuesday), my pediatric friend from the same clinic in Guadalupe asked me to cover for her. I left with 3 patients, and the professional fee did not cover for the clinic rent in Pioneer Center, which I was about to pay that afternoon.

To ease your confusion, I currently have two pediatric clinics. One in Guadalupe, Makati and one at Pioneer Center Pasig. The one in Makati is my main source of income, it’s right beside a supermarket and above a wet market, so more often than not I get patients. On a good day I attend to 15 patients in a span of 1 1/2 hrs, on a bad day it’s usually one patient but seldom zero.

The clinic in Pioneer is another story. I joined that clinic when I was 7 months pregnant with Matteo. It’s just one block away from our home, so I figured its easier for me and during that time, there was no rental, they just get 30% of the professional fee for each patient. Unfortunately there were no patients either. Really seldom I tell you. The most I get the entire time I was there was 2 in a clinic day, and that was once. But I keep the clinic anyway, since it had a convenient parking lot for my former classmates who come to me for their kids’ vaccination. I also thought about how I would ask some of the people from church to go there whenever they need me and I was not available. As a ministry, I said to myself.

For this year the clinic posed a rental scheme, which I wasn’t too happy about. I was 200% sure it’s a liability, and with my current household situation, I certainly cannot afford to waste money. I even drafted a letter for resignation, but for some reason I never got around to submitting it. Now I know why.

I walked into the Pioneer clinic and paid the rent with a heavy heart. But when I sat down in the doctor’s chair, the phone starting ringing off the hook! Patients started calling and starting coming into the clinic. My jaw dropped open. Even the secretary’s look was that of amazement. It was an absolute first for me, who had no patients since January. I walked away with enough money to cover for the bills! The secretaries were even applauding me!

I am still in awe with The Lord had done that day. He must be smirking at me right this instant, with laughing eyes and saying, “I told you!”. Haha. I know it may be trivial for you, but its my favorite miracle to date!

I have a God who takes care of me. My heart is dancing in joy and praise!

Do you have an anxiety you can’t shake? Pray about it!

Matthew 6:31-32
Therefore take no thought saying, what shall we eat, or what shall we drink, or wherewith shall we be clothed?

For the Heavenly Father knows that you have need of all these things.



2 thoughts on “The Window

    • And I can totally relate (napindot ko kaagad yung post comment thingy, andun pala yung cursor, he he he) During the months of January and February, it is considered as “dead months” for the fashion industry. Models gain weight (or lose weight more because there’s no work, so… no food, he he he) and for fashion and event stylists, it is the month where we pay off dues to suppliers because of the past peak months of December and January. So… dry din.

      You know naman na I’ve started this stylist studio, and to be quite honest, it’s started more of a liability than a money maker. You know how the end of the year was for me, di ba? It was a very humiliating end of 2012 and beginning of the year. I ended up losing money rather than making money from my “gigs”.


      Now!!! Wow… I mean… WOW!!! I think God did not just opened a window for me. It’s like He tore down a whole wall and created a new door!!! I am… astonished, and very, VERY grateful!!! And I have people like you also to be thankful for, because you guys believed enough in me to pray for me and consider me in your “fashion” needs.

      Now that things are picking up for you, I pray for an overflowing of blessings to you and your family!!! You’ve been nothing but generous to me and I just pray that in due time, I’d be just as generous, because “it is in giving that we truly receive”.

      God bless you, Doc!!! And I hope to read more inspiring stuff like this in your blog. You know naman… AMAFAN!!! 😀

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