If you’re a blogger, you must love sponsors. Not all of us are that lucky, but I’ve been blessed enough to have found one in my friend Rubi.

We are silly little girls. Well, first of all, we are silly little shopaholics. Oftentimes in the past, we tend to hoard  shop and then give each other justifications for them. haha. So I mentioned before that our closets are now overflowing but we thought it was a brilliant idea to give away some of our stuff. And so we did and we ended up trading, which of course didnt solve anything! We just switched a part of our wardrobes. Crazy right? But maybe we do have a serious hoarding problem! LOL!

So here are a few stuff I got from my “sponsor”. Thanks so much best friend!

2013-02-25 13.16.01

Papasa bang donya na papuntang hacienda ang peg? Dodong, ang straw hat ko! LOL

2013-02-25 13.15.43

2013-02-25 13.16.47

Tank top: Forever 21

Top: Top shop (on sale)

2013-02-25 13.16.29

Pants: H&M (pasalubong from Rubi)

2013-02-25 13.17.04

Necklace: Forever 21

2013-02-25 13.17.54

Bag: Parfois (from Rubi)

Sandals: Montego Bay Club for Payless

Summer bag perfection! Haha

Have a great summer everyone!



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