Ilog Maria: Hair Products

Ilog Maria, which I nicknamed the Burt’s Bees of the Philippines has produced a wide range of products made out of honey. I was able to try some (or rather most of their products) when my mom dropped by the farm a few months ago, and here is my first review installment.

Hair products can be tricky especially in the summer season when its hot, dry and humid. Your hair needs all the moisture it can get!


I am always eager to try out organic shampoos because well, we use shampoos a lot. There’s a great deal of chemicals  that can get absorbed through our scalp/skin. I was disappointed when I tried the old formula of Human Heart Nature’s shampoo. It didnt lather enough, and my hair felt dry. I understood that its the chemicals in the ordinary shampoos that do the lather and moisturizing. But still if there’s something better out there, I’m all for it.

Sadly, the Ilog Maria propolis shampoo didnt step up to the role either. But let’s first examine its content. Here’s how it was described in the Ilog Maria web site.

Formulation and Use. Handmade in our Beefarm from natural ingredients: Honey for conditioning &hair growth. Propolis for scalp infections, dandruff, falling & greying hair. Natural oils like palm kernel oil, castor oil and coconut oil for gentle cleansing. Aromatherapy grade essential oils from herbs and fruits nourish and heal your scalp, while fighting skin ailments. Place a small amount of our natural shampoo in your palm. Work into a rich lather in your hair. If no bubbles form, this is because our natural shampoo is reacting with and eliminating all the residues from commercial shampoos, hair oils, grime. Rinse out thoroughly. Then put a small amount of shampoo again, work into a rich lather. Keep lather on while bathing the rest of your body. Rinse well.

Problem for me is, it doesnt really lather at all! As in! Sometimes I use a huge amount of the shampoo just to accomodate? haha all my hair. My hair felt so dry after. I love the smell though. Its woodsy and earthy, and I want my natural products to smell well, natural (haha, sorry I’m a little low on words today).  So sadly, Im not buying this again.


What their proprolis shampoo lacked, their hair oil exceeded and more. For me, its the best product I ever got from Ilog Maria. I often refer to it as my hair’s elixir of life, and I am vouching for this 100%! But before I get carried away, here is the product description from their website.

Handmade in our beefarm using rejuvenating royal jelly and a melange of tropical flower, fruit, nut & seed oils. Shake well. Fresh royal jelly tends to collect at the bottom of the bottle. Squeeze a drop on each fingertip and rub on wet scalp. Rub a few drops immediately after a shower. Rejuvenates hair follicles. Nourishes scalp. Fights dandruff and falling hair. Especially good for dry and damaged hair.

Ingredients tend to separate because our products are 100% natural; No emulsifiers, preservatives or thickeners used.

There’s nothing to rant about for this product. I dont even mind the packaging, in fact it makes being natural very believable. I often apply this every other day as not to weigh the hair down,  avoiding limpness. On those days, I skip conditioner. It really brings hair to life I tell you, and it manages baby hairs  to perfection. My hair felt softer and even thicker with use.  Even Jen of Next 9 loves it.

However, if you are rather particular about beauty product scent, you may find this a little strong. Think of the smell of pressed flowers, nuts and seeds in one concoction. But I like my products…hmm…raw? I mean, as unaltered and unprocessed as possible so I love it. Its like I stepped out of our garden, gathered some flowers and honey, and rubbed them in my hair. Return to innocence! Sing with me! Haha

More to follow ! Watch out for it!



2 thoughts on “Ilog Maria: Hair Products

    • Hey thanks for visiting my blog. You should google them and read about how they came about creating their company. Very inspiring!

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