Happy Monday! The Lenten Season is almost here, and although its a time of reflection, we cant deny that we are so hungry for some rest right now. I know I am.

Im just going to ramble on about one of my everday lip wear. Call it, the OOTD of my lips if you must. Recently, I’ve grown up to be a woman (LOL!), and started wearing lipsticks. Now, Im usually bare faced except for my glorious lip colors.

Ive always been fan of red lips, and my lipsticks have been proof of that. Although late last year, I asked for a pink lipstick as an exchange gift for Christmas, I never got used to wearing it. And that brings us to this post.

2013-03-01 16.26.37

So here is the solution to my non existent problem. Tinted lip balm! And so far I love this one. Aside from being organic, which has super super plus points already, it glides and doesnt feel so sticky.

Lip balm: Human Heart Nature in Flame Tree (Php75)
Lipstick: In2It in roses (gift)

2013-03-01 16.37.25

2013-03-01 16.30.34

I love that it add depth to any lip color I have: bolder for reds, a burgundy tinge for my pinks.

2013-03-01 16.27.31

When swatched:
Right: Lip Balm
Left: Lipstick

2013-03-01 16.25.43

And here is the result! Still pink, but not too Barbie Girl.
I would love to have a fuschia pink lippie though, any suggestions?

Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Everyday

  1. Halloo! My favorite fuchsia pinks: Lime Crime Centrifuchsia, MAC Show Orchid, and MAC Lickable. I’ve tried Model’s Own Matte Hyperbrite Annalise’s Pink and Model’s Own Hot Pink L/S but the smell is funny and becomes waxy and stiff when in a cold room).. NYX has a beautiful range of pinks but longevity is nonexistent.

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