Not Today

Here’s another backlog post for you. I gave the title because I wouldnt wear this outfit in this unbearable heat! It really is unbelievable! We just came from Tagaytay a few days ago and the midafternoons there are really humid! There really is no escaping summer!

I still hope you will enjoy this outfit. I love the brocade blazer (which err, I have to remember to pay for). haha. Bandage or tank dresses are i think a staple nowadays. Its so easy to style, and I think you’ve seen this dress one too many times in this blog already!

2013-01-30 13.42.36

This is how I have always imagined I would look like as a mom! And now I am a mom! Boo and yay!

Sunnies: Forever 21

Blazer: Thifted (from Nio Manzano)

Dress: Forever 21

2013-01-30 13.42.59

Necklace: Earth Works (Manila Fame)

Bag: Longchamp


Shoes: Payless

I do hope you are all bearing this heat! Happy summer everyone!



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