That Coverup

I know I have shown you this cover up before and said that its very very versatile, but somehow I’ve only worn it once. And I’m really not sure why. I’m running low on creative juices for this one.  But I’ll probably wear it out again sometime July onwards, cause things are really heating up right now! Last Saturday there were so many people in the clinic and I thought I would pass out from the heat! This greenhouse effect is really getting worse!
2013-02-06 14.44.52

One of the things that are bound to rise with the temperature are hemlines. Fabric sticking close to your body? Uh-uh. Think minis, flowy skater skirts and maxi dresses. I wanted to try a skater skirt but I’m already past the age requirement. So tank dresses are my next bet. These kind of dresses are mostly age-universal, and classic too-especially the dark colored ones.

2013-02-06 14.45.57

One of the things I didnt notice before is that the shoulder detail of this cover up is  kinda stiff and look kinda boxy. The solution? Why, clinch it at the waist with a belt of course!

2013-02-06 14.46.21

My ever dependable Liliw shoes!

Dress: Forever 21

Cover up: Folded and Hung (on sale)

Belt: from another dress

Have a great day!


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