How to create your dream closet!

i may not practice what i preach in this post, but this is a reblog after all. may you find the insights helpful. thanks!

Material detox

Here you are, standing in front of a closetful of dresses, blouses, skirts, and any other imaginable piece of clothing and you think to yourself I have NOTHING to wear!  If you live in America, especially if you’re a woman (I don’t mean to be sexist), this situation may seem familiar to you.  


Now, obviously the problem isn’t the quantity or even variety of clothing, rather the problem are the kinds of clothing in the closet.  Let me try to clarify what I’m saying.  Have you noticed that despite all your clothes, you tend to pick out and wear the same pieces on a routine basis?  These pieces are the types of clothing you want in your closet, a.k.a. your wardrobe staples.  These are probably neutral pieces of clothing that match with each other such as the little black dress, a white dress shirt, a pair of dark wash…

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