I love skirts. I guess you all know that by now. It’s light, it doesn’t cling to your legs,and not a lot a people wear them. I think Filipinos are mostly partial to jeans. I did not own a pair of jeans for the last two years because just thinking about wearing them makes my legs sweat, but I had just had to cave in to a pair at the last Forever 21 sale!

Enough said, on with skirts. Just like your trusty jeans, they have a style for every body type. As I am a petite one, I like my skirts a little bit short. As if fate allows it, I like them with a bit of drama. Enter Exhibit A.

2013-01-25 14.38.10

Top: Zara
Skirt: Tyler (on sale)

The people behind Tyler have low tolerance for the ordinary, so during the times I would happen to browse their racks (on sale season of course!), I would keep thinking, “Where and when in the world can I wear this?”. Most of their pieces are not in my realm of “wearable”. And when I picked up this skirt, I didnt know how to wear it. But when I did try it on, whoa it was genius! The draping was perfect and unique. Cashier please!

2013-01-25 14.37.48

It can be styled in so many ways! It can be casual with a tee like this, or paired with a lace top and stilettos for a night out.

2013-01-25 14.37.11

Necklace: Forever 21 (on sale)

2013-01-25 14.40.35

Shoes: Dexter for Payless

Have a great day!



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