It’s kinda obvious that I love Forever 21. Sure there are days that I seriously hate the quality of some of the items, but you cant deny the versatility and the wide range of styles that cater to almost anyone. The prices are fair, and when they go on sale, they really dip low. So I always find myself going in F21 whenever I’m in Megamall or SM Makati (my husband can attest to that!)

Speaking of which, I remember that one time F21 had a 3 day sale, and my friend Rubi and I had decided to meet up (because of course, this is a major, major event! lol). I was deep in concentration with my rack browsing duties when something caught my attention. There was a woman, well into her sixties, browsing the rack beside me. I immediately thought, “Will that be me years from now?”. haha.

So Forever 21 is really forever?

They should really make a campaign out of that. Instead of models in their teens and 20s, they should have women and men in their 50s and 60s wear and pose with their clothes. That would be genius!

Ok, enough of the silly talk. I’m here to talk about the collab they have with Melissa shoes for the Spring/Summer 2013. Melissa shoes are made of this heavenly smelling rubber and are the comfiest of shoes. They are a bit expensive though, so imagine my glee when I found out of the collab. That means affordable prices. Though it isnt released in the Philippines yet, my friend Kitty kindly bought it for me! Yahoo!!!


So here are the babies which will soon be mine! Come to mommy! =)

Mel for Forever 21 Geo Mini Wedge in black


Image Source: http://wanelo.com/p/5248912/melissa-for-forever-21-geo-mini-wedge-sandals-forever-21-2028492186

My cousin in law, Reah also ordered the same style in Jellybean, which was equally divine. The hoarder in me wanted it also, but of course I had to go with black.


28492186-05 (1)


Nude sandal love! How cute is this thong sandal with the owl design?

28442837-03 (1)


I also wanted the Mel for Forever 21 studded sandals in green but husband and Rubi were against it. Oh well, my friend Antonette ordered black in this style.

28137769-06 (1)

Rest of the images’ source: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Category.aspx?br=f21&category=promo_shoes_collection-mel-for-forever21=


You can check out the rest of the collection here.

When I texted Reah if she wanted anything from the collection, she replied, “Ever the temptress!” (hence, the title). But seriously guys, I AM THE VICTIM HERE (lol!). I just liked Kitty’s instagram photo of the owl sandal, then she sent me the collection link and asked me to pick and she’ll buy for me. Is Kitty the real temptress? I think so!

Ok, you can all roll your eyes at me now. haha.

Have a great day guys!



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