There is a great deal of art in the hands of a talented photographer. My husband, who takes up photography as a hobby, told me that most people think that anyone who owns a SLR is a photographer. I have seen our friend Evan take beautiful pictures with his standard point and shoot camera. I also know of people who take in clients and do photo gigs even if some find their talent questionable. And what about those, God forbid, instagram selfies (my current #1 peeve)?

Michelle Morelos is name that is familiar to most photography enthusiats. It is no wonder that husband got her as the photographer for our son’s first birthday. but bad news is, she will be migrating to Canada, so as a last hurrah, she is offering family pictorials.



Photo courtesy care of Michelle Morelos.

The photo above contains all the information you need. And you can spot husband, me and Matteo on the lower right hand corner.

Have a nice day!



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