Guess what?

My blog has been very lazy lately ( the blog ha, not me!) lol. Havnt been shopping much lately ( or not as often as I want to- a lightning bolt might hit me if I say Im not shopping at all!). So its just window shopping for me at this time, which I will gladly share with you. If you like them and have to means to buy, it will give me great pleasure! Haha.

The blogger behind Pulseras by Kim is one of the blogs I follow here at WordPress and its really only now that I got to take a closer look at her wares ( actually, she had me at Etsy, haha.) my favorite? Those rose bracelets that are so in right now ( I mean, you see them everywhere, even on sunglasses! I even have three belts with them —-> GUILTY!). And I love those dainty nautical pieces she has, with the anchor and steering wheel charms.

I am more of a necklace type of girl but hey, I would love to get my hands on these anytime!


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