Moving Out

Blogs are always personal, whether it’s a hobby, an income generating source, or just a means to vent out. I’ve been an on and off blogger since high school, even more so, a WordPress blogger for quite a few years before The Beauty Blog, M.D.  officially decided to take off last August 2012. But things are changing, and although I love this blog and have poured my heart and soul in it, I’ve decided to move to another website. 

It’s a means of exploring more than anything, and I know I can always come back here. In fact, should I decide to have a domain, WordPress is my first consideration as a platform. 

And like the comforts of a home you’ve lived in for a period of time, I feel that pang of separation anxiety. I’ve made some contacts inside the WordPress blogger’s circle, and I really will miss this place. It’s just that the blog is undergoing some identity crisis at the moment, and I know I should make the jump now while it is still relatively new.

So I bid WordPress goodbye, for now. Who knows where the blogger road will take me.

                                           The Beauty Blog, M.D.’s new home:




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